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We want

The best version of you

When you allow AIM Select to become part of your career journey, you join our exclusive club of Senior Executives and Non Executive Directors working in one of the most exciting and stimulating markets in the world.

We select you for your experience, exclusivity and passion for the job. Working for a growth company, an AIM or Main Market plc can be very rewarding whilst also very demanding on a regulatory level.

We play a part in the next step of your career and in your life story. We understand this is our role and we offer all the support you need to make these important steps.

If you are seeking a Non Executive Director role, you might want a position that also allows you the work/life balance you desire.

If you think you are appropriate for an opportunity in a growth or quoted firm, contact us. Your knowledge and experience are valuable, we’ll help prepare you for the role and environment.

Next Steps

Contact us by email to arrange a phone call.

Please send us as much detail as you are comfortable with. We will quickly respond and discuss how we might progress. Rest assured we are always discreet.

    Please upload your CV with a 500 word bio about yourself and the position you are seeking:
    I agree that my submitted data can be used for contacting me about my enquiry and stored if required.

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